The vision of the institute is to transform the College of Physiotherapy as a center of excellence in the field of Physiotherapy profession catering to education, patient services and research to foster holistic local as well as global health care needs along with rehabilitation at community level.


To provide conducive atmosphere for easy and effective learning.

To prepare the students to face the global healthcare needs.

To provide quality care with the help of recent advances in physiotherapy for early functional independence of patients.

To inculcate the holistic approach amongst the learners for the total rehabilitation of patients.

To foster the research culture among the students and staffs for timely up gradation of knowledge.

To provide exposure to the extracurricular activities for all-round development of learners.

To provide quality physiotherapist well equipped with cognitive, psychomotor and effective skills.


At the end of the Physiotherapy course at our institute, the learner shall be able to

Diagnose & manage common health problems of the individuals & the community and make timely decisions for referral to specialty clinics.

Plan appropriate rational & different therapeutic modalities & use them effectively.

Demonstrate skills in participating the national health programmes & orient to provide preventive, curative & rehabilitative services for community based rehabilitation.

Develop consultative role for the health & family welfare services in existing socioeconomic, political & cultural environment as part of CBR organization.

Render therapy to chronically sick & disabled or physically challenged & achieve physical, functional & vocational independence for them.

Use effectively job modification techniques in work places based on ergonomic principles to achieve better proficiency at work.

Use early intervention progamme for neonates & school children to prevent secondary changes & learning disabilities.

Use biomechanical & pathophysiological principles to prescribe alteration in common orthotic & prosthetic appliances.

Develop assessment skills using common standardized instruments to achieve psychological rehabilitation.

Use functional analysis index & correlate it with disability evaluation to aid in workman’s compensation.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy states the institute is committed to provide community oriented quality education for producing knowledge rich students to face the global needs with evidence based background.

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