1) Antenatal & Postnatal Clinic:

  • Antenatal & Postnatal Clinic is conducted by the Community Medical Sciences Department which runs every Friday in the Obstetrics & Gynaecology ward.
  • A power- point presentation which includes Exercises and preventive strategies. The exercises are demonstrated to the females and a pamphlet containing Exercises and preventive strategies is distributed to the Females.

2) Falls Clinic:

  • Falls Clinic runs every Tuesday in the OPD area.
  • Firstly demographic data and Weight - Height measurement is taken.
  • It includes a Questionnaire based on Falls in Marathi and the subjects are asked to respond accordingly.
  • The subjects are also given falls preventive strategies pamphlet which is in Marathi.

3) Ergonomic Clinic:

  • It includes ergonomic assessment and modifications of the workers at our Institute
  • A weekly schedule is made which includes different colleges of the Foundation.
  • A questionnaire is also asked to the workers and Ergonomic modification is demonstrated to the workers.

4) EMG-NCV Clinic:

Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) are electro diagnostic tests that measure the electrical activity of muscles and nerves.

· EMG – A method of studying the electrical activity of a muscle by placing a needle electrode within it and observing:

- The Spontaneous activity in the muscle at rest

- The action potential (MUAP) generated by voluntary contractions of the muscle

- The interference pattern generated by resistance applied by therapist during movements

· NCV - A method of measuring changes in a peripheral nerve by stimulating it electrically and recording the action potential generated.

- Sensory Nerve Conduction Studies

- Motor Nerve Conduction Studies

· EMG and NCV used to diagnose: - different Neurogenic and Myogenic lesion like-

- Neuropathy

- Polyneuropathy

5) Knee Clinics:

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is one of the leading causes of knee pain. Patients feel pain or stiffness in the joints and experience reduced function due to degeneration of the cartilage. As Physiotherapists, we early assess such patients who are suffering from chronic or age-related degenerative changes in the knee and then plan a treatment accordingly. The treatment is focussed upon improving flexibility, reducing pain, improving strength and weight management that help in alleviating the symptoms of knee pain as early as possible. The knee speciality clinic is set up every Tuesday and an expert Physiotherapist from the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Department scrutinizes patients based on a Knee assessment proforma specifically made for knee pain patients.

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