Softwares For Research

Following softwears are recommended for research at the institute. Students and staffs utilize these softwears in counsultation with statistician.

1. Softwear for Statistical analysis:

OpenEpi provides statistics for counts and measurements in descriptive and analytic studies, stratified analysis with exact confidence limits, matched pair and person-time analysis, sample size and power calculations, random numbers, sensitivity, specificity and other evaluation statistics, R x C tables, chi-square for dose-response, and links to other useful sites. OpenEpi is free and open source software for epidemiologic statistics.


2. Anti Plagirism Softwear

Institute has taken subscription of “URKUND” antiplagirism softwear. Students and Teachers of the institute can check plagirism contents of the research papers and thesis through URKUND. URKUND is a completely automated system against plagiarism (Anti-plagiarism software) and is being successfully used at universities and colleges all around the world. URKUND's system checks all documents against three central source areas: a. The Internet b. Published material such as Journals, Books etc. c. Previously submitted student material (e.g. memoranda, case studies and examination works)


3. Grammer Checker:

Grammer and spell check softwears are recommended to all teachers and students. This softwears check identifies the spelling or sentence structure mistakes for the people too so that the error percentage in any document is reduced as much as possible. Other than detecting the error, sentence checker also helps people to correct the errors by providing them the suggestion of how to fix it.


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