Total No Of Research Publications : 212

Deepak B. Anap . Hidden Risk of Plagiarism In Medical Research Plagiarism In Medical Research. VIMS Health Science Journal,2021;8(1):1-2.  Click Here

Dr. Aditi Bhilwade, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Exploring the distribution of motor types in cerebral palsy: A Retrospective study . Global journal for research analysis,2021;10(04):1-3.  Click Here

Dr. Rabina Nayak ,Dr. Maheshwari H . Association between SCIM-III – Self component in patients with Spinal cord injury. International journal of science and research (IJSR),2021;10(04):826-830.  Click Here

Deepali Bhamble, Dr. Maheshwari Harishchandre, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Measuring capacity and performances in ambulation in clinical setting and community setting in patients with stroke. VIMS Journal of Physical Therapy,2021;3(1):201.  Click Here

2. Mohammad Ayaz Himmat Hasan Ansari, Prachi Bhagat . Evaluationn of the Carrying Angle of the Elbow Joint In Adolescents And Its Correlation With BMI, Gender And Dominant Side. International journal of science and research (IJSR),2021;10(6):1321-1324.  Click Here

Ankita Naik, Dr. Deepak Anap . Evaluation of core muscle strenght in female patients with patello-femoral Pain syndrome & Healthy Females-A comparitive study . Vims journal of Physical therapy ,2021;3(1):4-6.  Click Here

Bhawana Purohit, Dr. Deepak Anap . scapular dyskinesis among patients with shoulder dysfunction -A cross sectional study. Vims journal of Physical Therapy,2021;3(1):7-9.  Click Here

Tirth Rambhia, Dr.Shwetanjali Bhagra . Comparison of Back leg strenght in Physically Active & Inactive Administrative JOb Workers-A cross sectional Study. International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research ,2021;6(2):338-350.  Click Here

Dr. Suvrana Ganvir, Dr. Rajiv Agrawal . The National Commission for Allied & Health Care professions Act - A dawn of A new era of Physiotherapy in India. The Journal of Indian Association of Physiotherapist,2021;15(1):1-4.  Click Here

Miss. Ashwini Mishra, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Relationship of plevis Alignment with Balance and Gait in patients with stroke: A systematic Review. International journal of Clinical & Biomedical Research,2021;7(3):1-9.  Click Here

Dr. Zoya Khatoon, Dr. Deepak Anap . Effect of therapeutic Kinesio taping in patient with shoulder impingement- A pilot study. International journal of clinical biochemistry and research ,2021;8(4):1-5.  Click Here

Dr. Kajol Dethe, Dr. Deepak Anap . Effectiveness of “VIMS KNEE TRACTION UNIT” for increase in knee joint space in patients with knee osteoarthritis : An observational Study . Global Journal for Research Analysis,2021;10(12):213-215.  Click Here

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