Total No Of Research Publications : 226

Pranoti Zawar, Dr. Maheshwari H, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Relationship Between Duration of Stroke and Hand Function Recovery in Patient with Stroke. VIMS JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY,2022;4(1):26-30.  Click Here

Srushti Patare, Dr. Maheshwari H, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Consequences of COVID-19 in the Status of Physical Fitness in Post COVID Patients: A Cross Sectional Study. VIMS JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY,2022;4(1):46-52.  Click Here

Dr. Rabina Nayak, Dr. Sana Rai, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . An atypical case of quadriparesis following C1 C2 subluxation with hydrocephalus: effect of extensive rehabilitation towards functional independence: A case study. VIMS JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY,2022;4(1):53-58.  Click Here

Deepsjikha Trivedi, Arijit Kumar Das . Effect of Intercostal Stretch and Breathing Control Exercise on Lung Function among Healthy Young Females. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research,2022;12(2):64-70.  Click Here

Arya Mehta, Arijit Das, Abhijit Diwate, Archana Nagargoje . Effect of 4 weeks inspiratory muscle training on inspiratory muscle strength and quality of life in dialysis patients. A pilot study.. VIMSJPT [Internet]. ,2022;4(1):19-25.  Click Here

Ruchita Rao Chilkapurwar, Abhijit Diwate . Book Review. VIMSJPT [Internet]. ,2022;4(1):65.  Click Here

Deepali Bamble, Archana Nagargoje . Effectiveness of Pre-operative Inspiratory Muscle Training on Post-Operative Recovery in patients undergone Abdominal Surgery- A Systematic Review. VIMSJPT [Internet]. ,2022;4(1):10-18.  Click Here

Dr. Prachi Bhagat, Dr. Maheshwari H, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Patterns of Scapular Stabilization exercises for improving upper extremity function and scapular alignment in patients with stroke: A systematic review. VIMS JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL THERAPY,2022;4(1):70-79.  Click Here

Deepak B. Anap . Hidden Risk of Plagiarism In Medical Research Plagiarism In Medical Research. VIMS Health Science Journal,2021;8(1):1-2.  Click Here

Dr. Aditi Bhilwade, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Exploring the distribution of motor types in cerebral palsy: A Retrospective study . Global journal for research analysis,2021;10(04):1-3.  Click Here

Dr. Rabina Nayak ,Dr. Maheshwari H . Association between SCIM-III – Self component in patients with Spinal cord injury. International journal of science and research (IJSR),2021;10(04):826-830.  Click Here

Deepali Bhamble, Dr. Maheshwari Harishchandre, Dr. Suvarna Ganvir . Measuring capacity and performances in ambulation in clinical setting and community setting in patients with stroke. VIMS Journal of Physical Therapy,2021;3(1):201.  Click Here

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