Single session effect of self MFR &Maintained Stretch in wrist Flexor Spasticity in patients with Stroke - A Pilot Study

Conference : National Research Conference For teachers

Presenter : Dr. Maheshwari Harishchandre

Date : 2020-10-28

Organise By : DVVPF\'s College Of Physiotherapy

Place : COPT, Ahmednagar   Level : National

Dept : Neurophysiotherapy

A Survey To Find Out The Physiotherapy Protocol Practiced For Dialysis Patients.

Conference : MUHS state level Research conference

Presenter : Dr. Archana Kashinath Nagargoje

Date : 2020-01-18

Organise By : VSPM college of Physiotherapy, Nagpur

Place : Nagpur   Level : State

Dept : Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiotherapy

prevalence & relationship between depression and disability among young chronic stroke patients - observational descriptive study

Conference : state level of research conference

Presenter : Dr. Maheshwari Harishchandre

Date : 2018-02-23

Organise By : MUHS, Nashik

Place : DVVPFs memorial hospital and medical college   Level : State

Dept : Neurophysiotherapy

Comparison between Swiss Ball Training Vs PNF Technique on Trunk Control In Patients with Acute and Subacute Stroke.

Conference : CME-

Presenter : Dr. Chetana Ashok Kunde

Date : 2015-12-12

Organise By : Department of Physiotherapy, Manipal University

Place : Manipal   Level : National

Dept : Neurophysiotherapy

Effect Of Single Leg Weight Bearing Exercise On Gait Parameters On Hemiplegic Children.

Conference : 54th Annual Conference of IAP

Presenter : Dr. Chetana Ashok Kunde

Date : 2016-02-19

Organise By : DVVPF\'s College of Physiotherapy

Place : Shirdi   Level : International

Dept : Neurophysiotherapy

Influence of sitting orientation on upper extremity function in normal children between 5 to 16 years using nine hole peg test

Conference : 6th International Conference of Physical Therapy- AIIMS

Presenter : Dr. Chetana Ashok Kunde

Date : 2017-12-10

Organise By : Neuro-Physiotherapy Department- AIIMS

Place : New Delhi   Level : International

Dept : Neurophysiotherapy

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