Department of Neurophysiotherapy has a b commitment to high quality care and goal oriented approach towards neurologically affected patients. To make the patient functionally independent is the core aim of the Neurorehabilitation.

Department deals with patients suffering different neurological conditions to help patients return in their routine life and make them functionally independent.

Some of the most commonly treated conditions in Department of Neurophysiotherapy

In Adult Rehabilitation Unit

1) Stroke

2) Traumatic Brain Injury

3) Spinal Cord Injury

4) Parkinsonism

5) Multiple Sclerosis and

6) Myopathies

7) Neuropathies

8) Diabetic

9) Cervical Stenosis

In Pediatric Rehabilitation unit

1) Cerebral Palsy

2) Developmental Delay

3) Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)


5) Autism

6) West Syndrome

7) Downs Syndrome

8) Musculoskeletal disorder

9) Spinal Muscular Atrophy

We emphasize on Evidence based practice, and recent advance techniques to treat the patients with Neurological disorder are:

1) Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

2) Mirror Therapy

3) Coma Stimulation

4) Visual Stimulation.

5) Sensory Integration Therapy

6) Conductive therapy

7) Ball pool therapy

8) PNF rehabilitation

9) Bobath/ NDT treatment approach

10) Hand rehabilitation

11) Vestibular rehabilitation

Services by the Department of Neurophysiotherapy which are provided in the hospital

· EMG/NCV investigation with minimum charges.

· Diabetes clinic once in a week on every Wednesday.

Patient feedback is collected in local language from those patients who are taking treatment in the department from minimum 20 days. It is structured in such a way that patient does not need to reveal the identity It includes questions related to quality of Physiotherapy treatment, technical issued faced by students and overall grading of the dept. The blinded analysis is done after every 6 month and corrective measures are taken to address the issues raised by them.

Department also extent their benefits for the patients in community through various outreach activities

1. Pragati Pustak- Survey camp- It is the project started by the department in the October 2016. Till now we have visited to total 19 villages. Pragati Pustak is a parent oriented screening tool which assist parents to monitor the normal growth pattern of their child till 24 month of age and identify any developmental delay. Camps were organized in three different way home to home visit, Immunization day of PHC center and Anganwadi centre. Till now more than 1500 houses, 8 PHC Centre and 2 Anganwadi centre were surved in which more than 50 childrens with cerebral palsy were found and there physiotherapy rehabilitation is started in the VPMH in Physiotherapy OPD

2. Department has a collaboration with Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan , Rahuri for providing treatment to children with various neurological disorders. Students and staff of the department are posted on rotation basis for various camps through this abhiyaan. Apart from this, patients requiring Physiotherapy for long term care are also given treatment in the department.

3. Department has also established collaboration with Asha Kendra, Puntamba

since 2018. Camps are organized in the center where students and the staff are deputed in the camp for assessing and providing treatment to the neurologically affected patients.

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