Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy involves treatment of musculoskeletal disorders includes disorders of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, spinal discs, cartilage and bones. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists at DVVPF’s,College of Physiotherapy and Vikhe Patil Memorial Hospital uses advanced diagnostic methods and clinical assessment for the treatment of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) injuries. The aim of musculoskeletal physiotherapy is to restore function and movement following injury, disorder or disability.Our musculoskeletal physiotherapists are highly experienced in their speciality and rehabilitation.

Some of the Common Conditions Treated at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy are

Muscle strain

Soft issue injury like tendons and Ligaments

Tears in cartilage

Arthritis of Knee Joint,Hip Joint etc

Before or after any orthopaedic surgery surgery

Low Back pain, Neck Pain

Shoulder pain – Frozen Shoulder, Impingment, Tendinitis

Postural abnormality

Stiff neck/ back


Joint dislocations

Gait assessment and Treatment

Prescription of Orthosis,Prosthesis and Splints

Some of the advanced treatments which the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist are using at COPT include:

Exercise Therapy (Active, Passive, Resisted, Free)

Manual Therapy (Mulligans Technique, Maitlands Technique, Mckenzie Technique, Butler technique, Cyriax technique, Muscle Energy Technique etc.)

Electrotherapy (SWD, Ultrasound, Traction, Waxbath, IFT, TENS, Electrical Muscle stimulator, Biofeedback etc)

Ergonomic advice

Self-management strategies including home exercise programmes

Injury Prevention strategies


Assessment of Musculoskeletal Problems

Functional Diagnosis using ICF

Musculoskeletal Treatment Planning

Home exercise Programme

Prescription of Orthosis,Prosthesis,Splints and Walking aids

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