As the name clearly suggests we offer the treatment to the community that includes patients from geriatric group, women health and industrial setup. We offer our physiotherapy treatment as well as ergonomic advice in OPD as well as in residents of the patient who are unable to come on the OPD basis.

Community Based Rehabilitation provides an opportunity for institutions and teachers of physiotherapy to be a role model and express their social accountability in teaching, research, services and empowerment areas of their work.

Some of the common condition which are treated on daily basis in our Community OPD: -

1. Knee joint osteoarthritis

2. Mechanical Low back pain

3. Prolapse intervertebral disc

4. Frozen shoulder

5. Hemiplegia

6. Hemiparesis

7. Lumbar canal stenosis

8. Ankle sprain

9. Para spinal muscle strain

10. Post op fracture

11. Fracture conservative treatment

12. Facial and bell’s palsy

13. Ergonomic advice

14. Postnatal rehabilitation

15. Wound gaping

16. Breast engorgement

Some of the advanced treatment which the community physiotherapist is using at COPT includes: -

1. Falls Assessment for elderly

2. PNC rehabilitation

3. Endurance Rehabilitation for elderly- treadmill, static cycling, cycle aerometry

4. Hand rehabilitation- Work station

5.preventions of disability

Services by community department which are provided in the hospital

1. ANC PNC clinic

2. Falls Clinic

3. Ergonomic clinic (MRD Department, Nursing College Office, Pharmacy College Office, etc.)

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