Mentorship Program

Don’t find faults, Find remedy.

If you give the best,

You will get the best out of others.

Higher education in the health education field demands hard physical and mental work from students. Moreover students come from different geographical and social background who are required to be transformed into a different professional culture. All these factors, neophobia, high expectations from teachers may generate lot of anxiety.

There fore, this mentorship program was designed in order to lend a helping hand to the students throughout their professional education duration, whenever needed by them.

This Programme is being run in the institute since 2014. It is a unique programme where a newly admitted student is allotted a mentor on the day of orientation programme. It is expected that horizontal equanimity is achieved and there is strengthening of the bond and belongingness to the institution.


1. To provide vent and solutions to the problems of students.

2. To provide moral and psychological support.

3. To provide student friendly ambience.


Ø Monthly mentor- mentee meetings

o Student’s attendance review.

o Review of performance in the examination

o Understanding the academic needs of students.

o Provide vent to nonacademic issues if any.

Ø Preparation of monthly summary report by individual mentor

Ø Preparation of composite monthly and yearly summary report by mentorship program coordinator

Ø Review of summary reports in monthly college council meeting and appropriate action.

Ø Yearly feedback from students about the programe and its analysis

Ø Compliance of the issues raised by mentees.

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