Total No Of Intern Projects : 120

Immediate effect of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization on Hamstring Muscle Extensibility -Pre and Posttest design

Student Name : Purva Katariya   Guide Name : Dr. Deepak Anap   Year Of Completion : 2019

The Effectiveness of McKenzie Exercise in Acute episodes of prolapsed inter vertebral Dise-A Review

Student Name : Komal Tambade   Guide Name : Dr. Swati Kadu   Year Of Completion : 2019

Quality of life in patients with Diabetes in Ahmednagar City

Student Name : Divya Dabgar   Guide Name : Dr.Maheshwari Harishchandre   Year Of Completion : 2019

Normal ratio between abdominal and back muscle strength in healthy individuals using stabilizer pressure biofeedback unit

Student Name : Bhakti Malandkar   Guide Name : Dr.Archana Nagargoje   Year Of Completion : 2019

Measuring Disability using the International classification of functioning ,disability and Health in patients with Acute Stroke

Student Name : Ankita Bhavsar   Guide Name : Dr.Suvarna Ganvir   Year Of Completion : 2019

Joint Kinesthesia in patients with unilateral Frozen Shoulder

Student Name : Akansha Bhale   Guide Name : Dr.Surendra Wani   Year Of Completion : 2019

Health related Quality of the life in patients with Brest Cancer Surgery and undergoing Chemotherapy in Ahmednagar City

Student Name : Aishwarya Kshirsagar   Guide Name : Dr. Surendra Wani   Year Of Completion : 2019

Peak expiratory flow rate in sedentary population: An observational study

Student Name : Ms.Yogyata Bharadwaj   Guide Name : Dr. Archana Nagargoje   Year Of Completion : 2020

Normative data of gait parameters in community dwelling older adults

Student Name : Ms.Prachi Bhagat   Guide Name : Dr. Deepti Thokal   Year Of Completion : 2020

Normative data of postural Sway by using sway meter in healthy elderly population

Student Name : Ms.Dakshayani Gholap   Guide Name : Dr. Deepti Thokal   Year Of Completion : 2020

Evaluation of carrying angle of the elbow joint in adolescents and its correlation with BMI, gender and dominant side

Student Name : Mr.Ayaz Ansari   Guide Name : Dr. Deepti Thokal   Year Of Completion : 2020

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