Total No Of Intern Projects : 120

Pain ,proprioception ,and balance in patients undergoing total knee Arthroplasty: A Cross-sectional study

Student Name : Aishwarya Parsa   Guide Name : Dr. Swati Kadu   Year Of Completion : 2019

Effect of postoperative physiotherapy on shoulder range of motion in patients undergone breast cancer surgery: A Literature Review

Student Name : Poonam Pande   Guide Name : Dr.Abhijit Diwate   Year Of Completion : 2019

Effect of Active cycle of breathing Technique in patients with pulmonary conditions -A Systematic Review

Student Name : YashashreeThorat   Guide Name : Dr. Arijit Das   Year Of Completion : 2019

Effect of Radiation therapy in conjunction with Chemotherapy on Neck and shoulder muscules in Head and Neck cancer patients :A Pilot Study

Student Name : Upasna Kulkarni   Guide Name : Dr.Abhijit Diwate   Year Of Completion : 2019

Analysis of balance Dysfunction and fall risk in patients with Diabetes -An Observational Study

Student Name : Srushti Kulkarni   Guide Name : Dr. Chetana Kunde   Year Of Completion : 2019

To study the prevalence of obesity in back employees in Ahmednagar City

Student Name : Rutuja Jadhav   Guide Name : Dr.Shyam Ganvir   Year Of Completion : 2019

Rehabilitation intervention for Hemi-Neglect in stroke patients: A Systematic Review

Student Name : Radha Patel   Guide Name : Dr.Maheshwari Harishchandre   Year Of Completion : 2019

Effect of lumber care muscle stability exercise on Cardiovascular parameters of Young Adults-A Cross Sectional Study

Student Name : Pranali Gaikwad   Guide Name : Dr.Reshma Shete   Year Of Completion : 2019

Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Industrial workers using REBA - A Systemic Review

Student Name : Shrutika Mane   Guide Name : Dr.Shyam Ganvir   Year Of Completion : 2019

Quality of life in elderly stroke patients -A Systematic Review

Student Name : Shilpa Bharti   Guide Name : Dr.Deepti Thokal   Year Of Completion : 2019

Factors Influencing Physiological cost Index in children with Cerebral Palsy

Student Name : Shaharsha Borkar   Guide Name : Dr.Chetana Kunde   Year Of Completion : 2019

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