Total No Of Intern Projects : 120

Immediate effects of total motion release exercise vs mulligan bent leg raise technique to relieve hamstring tightness- observational study

Student Name : Vaishali Pornak,   Guide Name : Dr. Swati Kadu   Year Of Completion : 2017

The prevalence of Achilles tendon tightness and thickness in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Student Name : Mamta Chainani   Guide Name : Dr.Chetana Kunde   Year Of Completion : 2017

Comparing the effects of acute aerobic exercise on reaction time in healthy individuals

Student Name : Hitav Someshwar   Guide Name : Dr. Arijit kumar Das   Year Of Completion : 2017

Factors affecting lumbar lordosis among healthy individuals

Student Name : Shruti Tadmare   Guide Name : Dr. Nitin Nikhade   Year Of Completion : 2017

Correlation between single leg stance test and functional reach test

Student Name : Manisha William   Guide Name : Dr. Suvarna Ganvir   Year Of Completion : 2017

Immediate effect of total motion release exercises vs post isometric relaxation on hamstring tightness

Student Name : Kajol Sharma   Guide Name : Dr. Swati Kadu   Year Of Completion : 2017

Prevalence of Neck Pain in Medical undergraduate students\"

Student Name : Mansabdar Suraj   Guide Name : Dr. Deepak Anap   Year Of Completion : 2016-2017

Carrying angle and its relation with Hip Circumference in Healthy Individuals

Student Name : Soni Devendra   Guide Name : Dr. Nitin Nikhade   Year Of Completion : 2017

Effectiveness of trans cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation modality in patients with chronic low back pain

Student Name : Shrutika Wardhan   Guide Name : Dr. Nidhi Ahya   Year Of Completion : 2017

Comparative prospective study between NIHSS and CNS to detect severity in hemispheric patients

Student Name : Mohini Shinde   Guide Name : Dr.Maheshwari Harishchandre   Year Of Completion : 2017

Identification of patterns of functioning in children with cerebral palsy\"

Student Name : Pratiksha Sankhe   Guide Name : Dr. Suvarna Ganvir   Year Of Completion : 2016-2017

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